Wild Scene in NYC: Justin Bieber Arrives

Teenage girls are a little off to start with, but add Justin Bieber to the mix and they can get downright insane. That's what happened in New York City on Thursday.

The 17-year-old pop superstar was in town on a promotional tour, including an appearance at Macy's for the launch of his new fragrance "Someday."

Thousands of fans waited patiently in the rain outside the store to catch a glimpse of Bieber. He wasn't scheduled to go out and greet them, but he decided to go out and say hello. That got the girls riled-up. They surged towards him, knocking down metal police barricades. 

A plainclothes New York City police officer stepped forward to protect Bieber. The problem was that Bieber's private security force didn't know the man was a cop. One bodyguard grabbed him and tried to pull him away. Bieber was quickly hustled back into the store.

"He didn't even have time to wave at his fans," said 18-year-old fan Tara Robinson. "I was yelling 'Justin!' They ruined the moment for us."

The bodyguard was issued a summons for disorderly conduct.

There were early reports that a man jumped the barricade and attacked Bieber, pushing him to the ground and injuring him. But that was not true.

"Bieber wasn't touched. Bieber wasn't hurt," a police source told theNew York Daily News.


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