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"Wicked" to Become ABC Mini-Series

Salma Hayek is putting on her producer hat and is bringing Wicked - The Mini-Series to ABC. According to Michael Ausiello, the mini-series will be based on the book and not the musical. So, does that mean no singing? It is scheduled to be eight hours long, which sounds like an entire week of programming. Subtract the four hours of commercials, and you have about four hours of actual running time. I grew up during the mini-series craze, and they can be hit or miss. They take a big commitment from the viewer and they can be overly long. I would rather just have a three-hour feature.

Wicked is a great book, and it is one of my favorite musicals, and have been hoping they make the damn movie so Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel are not 100 and can actually star in the movie. I just don't know if a network like ABC can do the book justice. It will probably be better served being on pay cable or a feature. I see this turning into some kind of star vehicle for every ABC star. Cameos from "Bachelor" contestants and "Dancing With The Stars" judges.


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