Why Simon Cowell Likes Kim Kardashian

Simon Cowell adores Kim Kardashian.

Well oink de la oink. Simon Cowell likes Kim Kardashian because he thinks she's 'naughty':

''She's very cute and has a naughty side. I adore her. They shouldn't have denied her a star on the Walk of Fame.''

I agree she's cute and naughty, but we'll agree to disagree about the WOF part.

Could it be his reason for having Khloe Kardashian host the X Factor (unconfirmed) is to get closer to the sister? That's not to say Khloe wouldn't be great for the part. Apparently she's wowed everyone in her audition, but Simon strikes me as a naughty little boy. He probably won't hit on Kim because of her boyfriend, Kanye West:

''I think he's super-talented and an innovator. He knows what he's doing. Plus he's controversial and I like that.''

That he is and he's super-happy now that he has Kim in his life. Must be that naughty factor.


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