Why Miley Cyrus is Too Young to get Married

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Miley Cyrus and Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth are engaged to be married after three years of dating, their reps confirmed to People Magazine. She is 19 and he is 22.

My friend the therapist says that one of the last parts of the teen brain to complete development is the prefrontal cortex, responsible for things such as decision-making, risk vs. reward analysis, reasoning, and impulse control. Which basically means they still live in a parallel universe where they believe they know everything and their parents can easily fix their problems.

Some people will argue that she is capable of marrying this young because she has been shilling shows and such for Nickelodeon for years. That somehow when you are independently wealthy at a young age it jumpstarts your maturity. Or that she wears eveningwear and has had plastic surgery and for that she is years above the other kids struggling to make it through freshman year at the state college. I’ve got news for you. Just because you let your parents live in a wing of your house when you are 15 doesn’t make you any more ready to get married.

You know what happens when a 19 year old gets married? You spend more time thinking about whether or not your reception will have a cash bar than the commitment you are about to make before God and the state with which you reside. You have 12 bridesmaids, half of which were chosen solely based on the fact that they were on your senior year dance team. You worry the maid of honor will have a better tan and therefore ruin your day. Your wedding registry includes gifts like bottle openers, a grill, and matching NFL TV blankets. The only thing anyone can remember about your wedding is that your first dance was to a Lil Wayne song and the best man barfed all over your new mother-in-law next to the pasta buffet.

I give this marriage 6 months.

-Kate Casey

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