Why Kristen Stewart was on Crutches During 2013 Oscars (Video)

As is the case with most award shows these days, nearly all of the major storylines coming out of the 2013 Oscars have nothing to do with the accolades handed out. Jennifer Lawrence’s trip, that one amazingly unfunny Von Trapp skit, and Seth MacFarlane’s weak opening monologue were the major headlines coming out of Sunday night. The fact that, for the first time in a long time, most of the right people earned the evening’s most prominent awards has gone mostly unnoticed.

One other mildly interesting b-plot from the 2013 Academy Awards: Twilight star Kristen Stewart being on crutches. Why was she on crutches? Well, according to People Magazine: she "cut the ball of her foot, quite severely, on glass two days ago." Like a true pro, though, Stewart didn’t let that minor injury stop her from attending an award show she wasn’t nominated for any awards in.

You can check out Stewart hobbling around, crutches free, in the video below.

(People Magazine)


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