Why Katie Holmes Fears for Daughter Suri Cruise


It seems that Katie Holmes‘ deep-seated fears for her daughter, Suri, were also behind her decision to file for a divorce. She was convinced that Tom Cruise was going to send their 6-year-old daughter to a Sea Organization, which is part of Scientology.

Source tell TMZ that Sea Org, as it is known, is where the highest levels of Scientology are taught. According to the church’s website it is composed of adults and minors who have committed their lives to volunteering for their religion, something TMZ sources say, Tom Cruise is a big fan of.

Sea Org was the tipping point for Holmes in her long-running argument with Cruise over their daughter’s indoctrination into Scientology.

It has been compared to a boot camp, with several ex-members, including Oscar winnerPaul Haggis, have been outspoken about it’s military-like conditions. The Freewinds, the Scientology boat where Cruise’s infamous 2004 birthday party was held, is entirely staffed by Sea Org’s members. According to the official Scientology website members of Sea Org sign a “one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion and it is still signed by all members today.”

Holmes herself is no stranger to Sea Org. When she first began dating Cruise in 2005, Jessica Feshbach, a prominent Scientologist and member of Sea Org since 1995, became Holmes’ assistant and Scientology chaperone.

In the end, it seems that Holmes felt that the only way to save Suri from being shipped off to Sea Org was to end her marriage to Cruise and file for sole custody.


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