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Rick Ross is a Lying Cop and Hip-Hop Doesn't Care

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By Jacques "Jooks" Morel

July 2008 Rick Ross is a lying correction officer.

Fast forward July 2010, Spain wins the World Cup and Rick Ross is bigger than anyone ever expected.

Thinking back, I listened to Ross for a decent time before the allegations. Moving with my acute taste in music, rarely did Ross find himself in my normal rotation.

As of now it is a different story; same thing most likely goes for you. Rick Ross has reached a point where he ate an entire box of Super Mario stars: he is untouchable.

His meticulous beat selection and his luck in landing Hov to talk about 6’s that can’t drive have made him huge. There used to be a time when an outing like Ross’ would absolutely destroy an artist…before people figured out Eminem was white. (Hate it or not, Eminem was the shift between music quality relating to success as opposed to background and race).


November 2006 – A photo is released showing Lil Wayne kissing his father on the mouth. Harlem went up in an uproar yet Juelz Santana stayed loyal. Wayne then went on to continue massacring the mixtape circuit for the next year.

Ross is pulling off a similar feat but on a grander scale than Lil Wayne. Mixtape Weezy was downloaded and leaked through Limewire and DatPiff; Ross is utilizing the blogs heavy and the radio is full of ROSS.

Everywhere I see the label money being put to work putting out his product. Placing Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa on the “Super High” remix was a great look for the J.E.T.S crew, however it was an even bigger plus to Ross. With that song Rick Ross showed his commitment to the underground and weedheads everywhere in one 4 minute song.

Maybe Ross has more money behind his music than '06 Wayne did…I do not know. But I do know they are carrying the same amount of heat.

What’s my verdict for "Teflon Don" sales? 200k first week. Hot music erases memories!

On the other hand, what if a rapper were to come out as gay…but put out amazing music? Does that change everything?



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