Reason George Clooney Broke Up with Elisabetta Canalis was...


News is filtering through as to why George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis split.

Official statements were released yesterday confirming the split, but not the why.

The break up appears to be due to what could now become known as ‘The Como Factor’. No relation to Max (the make up factor). Although Clooney did have a pig called Max. Six degrees of separation or what!

According to E! Online, sources were hinting just weeks ago the relationship was over. To them it was no surprise when the official announcement was finally made. One of Clooney’s close buddies said: “He’s been trying to figure out how to get out of this for a while. And let’s face it, this always happens…”

Hold on. What happens? What occurs to make Clooney act like a banana and split on the relationship? This is where the ‘Como Factor’ rears its head. The same source says “Right before Como! Like clockwork.”

Every summer, 50 year old Clooney likes to head to his Lake Como Palazzo in Italy. A summer of good times. Friends such as Brad Pitt and Julie Roberts call in. You get the picture. The ready to tell-all insider continues: “Remember that Sarah Larson (who?) George was dating? Same thing happened. Right before Como, they broke up. I’m telling you, it’s the same thing here.”

Others have been quick to jump on the bandwagon as to why this relationship didn’t last. Another close pal says: “She was always shy. And you know what? She didn’t speak great English. To tell you the truth, I don’t think George’s Italian is that great, either!”

Here is a timeline of Clooney’s previous girlfriends, with only the one, Talia Balsman, ever getting a ring on her finger. Clooney has vowed and declared since he will never marry again.

Applications are now open for replacements. Just one suggestion girls. Even though you have a smacking hot bikini bod, tell Clooney you don’t do summers in Italy. You prefer colder climes. Then you may just get past that ‘Como Factor’.

Oh, the scandal!


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