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Why Do Directors Insist On Casting Bad Singers in Musicals?

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It's happened ever since musicals have hit the big screen, and now with musical sitcoms like Glee, you inevitably have them: bad singers in musicals. Why, oh why, do you insist on doing this? 

I can think of so many right off hand it's not even funny: Cory Monteith from Glee, Pierce Brosnan from Mamma Mia (and the James Bond Musical where he also belted a tune off-key), Sarah Michelle Gellar from Hairspray, Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge, the entire cast from My Fair Lady. Simply awful. 

Listen, if I'm going to pay to see a musical or watch a musical sitcom on TV, I want to watch some people that can actually carry a tune. Of course, sex sells, so when it comes to cheesy movies like musicals, they're going to cast the actors with the most sex appeal, not necessarily with the best singing voices. I know, it's inevitable, but still. I don't want to listen to stuff that makes my ears bleed. 

Please Hollywood, listen to my (and so many others') pleas. Do us all a favor and have some vocal auditions for your singing roles. We've heard one too many an actor belting tunes painfully off-key in what's supposed to be a "quality production." Do it for the sake of all of us, and save us some pain. Thank you. 


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