Who Will Survive the Season Finale of 'The Walking Dead'?


The season finale of The Walking Dead is only days away, with some speculating that the death of a beloved character is inevitable.

Since the series began, each season finale has marked the end of one or more characters. In season one, fans said goodbye to Jacqui and Dr. Edwin Jenner. In season two, Patricia and Jimmy died. In season three, Andrea and Milton were killed off.

However, as former showrunner Glen Mazzara pointed out, each death is not without cause.

“Every death that we have on the show has to lead to some other story,” Mazzara said.

Some speculate that Rick will be the one to depart from the show, since the entire season has been about what the group can handle without him. And, as we’ve seen before, comic book creator Robert Kirkman isn’t afraid to depart from the original story.

Though the season finale, mysteriously titled “A”, will be full of surprises, fans can at least expect big action scenes as in previous finales.

Sources: Boston Herald, Forbes


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