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Who Made a Las Vegas Showgirl Disappear?

On December 12, Debbie Flores-Narvaez was last seen leaving the home of her ex-boyfriend. Well, that is what her ex-boyfriend says, anyway. Debbie was a performer in Fantasy at The Luxor and also worked as a go go dancer at Rain Nightclub. Her ex said that Debbie came by and was depressed because it was the holidays and she was not around her family. He said that she left his place and was going to see her friends.

Friends of Debbie who talked to People said that Debbie and her ex's relationship was not great and that it made her upset. Police found Debbie's car but have not said whether foul play was involved. The next day after her meeting, she was supposed to show up for work, but did not arrive. Apparently she was a great worker and had never not shown up or even called in sick before. I know the holidays can be a terribly depressing time, but my guess if this was a suicide, her body would have already been found.

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