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Top 10 Most Popular Gay Celebs on Twitter

I was feeling pretty good about my just over 1,200 Twitter followers until I saw this list of the most popular gays on Twitter compiled by The Advocate!

I can understand why more than 5 million people follow Ellen DeGeneres and glad to see that 1.6 million follow Rachel Maddow. These are awesome women! And the guys in the top 15, a lot of them I follow too: Ricky Martin, Adam Lambert,Neil Patrick Harris and Chris Colfer.

But Samantha Ronson has more than 1.5 million Twitter followers? I can see how interest was way up when she and ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan were fighting all the time but the number really surprises me. Lindsay herself has just over 1 million.

Love that Michael Ausiello, a hard-working TV writer for Entertainment Weekly who always has great scoops about our favorite shows, made the top 10 with 1.1 million followers.

Here is the complete list in order:

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2. Perez Hilton (blogger) 2,378,242

3. Stephen Fry (actor) 1,746,386

4. Rachel Maddow (tv host) 1,679,131

5. Samantha Ronson (DJ) 1,564,457

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7. Michael Ausiello (Entertainment Weekly writer) 1,123,498

8. Lindsay Lohan 1,091,073

9. Suze Orman (personal finance expert) 1,0690,245

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11: Adam Lambert 635,930

12. Alan Carr (comedian) 563,293

13. Michael Buckley 527,314

14. Karl Lagerfeld 308,960

15. Chris Colfer 282,970

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