Whitney Houston’s Double Life, Final Days

Whitney Houston will be laid to rest on Saturday with only her close friends and family attending the funeral.

More details are emerging of Houston’s secret pain and her final days, with all of the major outlets reporting on up to the moment news of the singer’s death.  US Magazine is reporting gospel singer Marvin Winans will be presenting the eulogy.  He also officiated at the 1992 wedding of Houston and Bobby Brown.

Also in this week’s issue are the details of Houston’s last days.  From her partially submerged body being found in a bathtub, in her room at the Beverly Hilton last Saturday,  to her death announcement at 3:55 p.m.

People Magazine is chronicling the life of the troubled singer, and her ascent to superstardom, looking at the rocky road and her struggle with her public image as America’s Singing Sweetheart.

“She was in pain from living almost a double life,” says a record exec who worked with Houston for many years. “She wanted to be down with her community. That’s who she really was. But because of her career, she also had to portray this pure pop princess in gorgeous gowns, singing songs the white community adored.”

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