Does Whitney Houston Have Lung Disease?


The National Enquirer (hey, they’re more reputable than most places these days) is reporting that Whitney Houston has the early stages of emphysema and has been warned to quit smoking cigarettes by doctors – or die.

Houston, 47, used to be one of the most beloved singers in the world but fell victim to drugs years ago. She’s never fully recovered. Although she claimed to be clean last year during her disappointing “comeback,” If she was clean, I don’t think it lasted very long. Her concerts were testimony to the sad condition her body and voice are in after years and years of heavy drug use.

I suspect Whitney might have a case of ‘crack lung’ as well as emphysema, and who knows what else. It’s just so sad. Twenty-five years ago she was on top of the world with “The Greatest Love of All,” who knew this would be her future?

Read more at The Enquirer.


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