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Whitney Houston and Ray J Planned Reality TV Series

In the days leading up to her untimely death, Whitney Houston and her 'friend' Ray J were filming a reality show that they were going to pitch for a series it has been reported. He of course is the guy behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape and I guess after seeing the success she got from it he wants a piece of the pie as well. So to speak.

Entertainment Fix is reporting that her friends didn't care too much for him and further felt she was being used because he is basically a fame whore that needs to ride the coattails of all the women in his life (think Kim, and sister Brandy).

He must have really sweet-talked Whitney into agreeing to even try this given the disaster that was 'Being Bobby Brown' in which her erratic behavior was allegedly showcased (I have never watched the show personally).

Ray J's publicist has confirmed the couple were shooting footage for pitching.

Why do I have this feeling we are going to see some type of tribute to Whitney from him along with probably a book?


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