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Which "People" Magazine Cover Sold More?

So, the one on the left is the best selling baby issue of Kneepads Magazine of all time. In fact, it is the third biggest seller in their history. The one on the right is Sandra Bullock and her new baby. Which cover sold the most? You would think it would be a no brainer. When Brad and Angelina had the babies it wasn't really big news. Everyone knew she was pregnant, it was just a matter of wanting to see the pictures. On the other hand, Sandra and her baby was actual news. No one had a clue she had a baby. People wanted to read that. So, so you would think Sandra would crush Brangelina.

The results. The estimate is that Sandra has sold 2.7M copies while the Brangelina cover sold 2.8M. Now, it is possible that Sandra could still catch Brangelina, but to me, I would have thought she would have moved past the Princess Diana issue of 3M to move into second place all time.


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