Where's the Six Pack? "The Situation" Looking Flabby


Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino seems to have let himself go a bit judging from these pictures of him and his little belly. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still probably in better shape than most of us reading this (and I don`t mean any offense by that), but by his standards, he’s obese.

It is most unusual that The Situation isn’t the shirtless one in these pictures showing off his abs. Mommy’s not complaining. The dude beside him is pretty nice eye-candy with the exception of his ridiculous-looking hair.

To be truthful I kind of feel sorry for him. Isn’t he going through a lot with his douchebag of a father? Was it the trip to Italy? Maybe a bit of both?

Some people eat too much when they are stressed. Others (like myself) just love to eat no matter what.

Either way, The Situation looks ‘normal’ but not Jersey Shore normal. There is no ‘situation’ going on here.


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