Jean Claude Van Damme Sued: Couldn't Work Gym Equipment He Was Endorsing


Actor Jean Claude Van Damme has been out of the spotlight for some time, but he's about to be back in it as he has been rumored to lend his celebrity status to endorsing the health and fitness product Total Flex Gym.

However, the actor was about to show off his martial arts knowledge and fitness skills when about to film the infomercial for the product when...he had NO clue how to work the equipment!  TMZ claims,

The infomercial producers claim Van Damme grew frustrated with his inability to operate the machine … even though JCVD’s wife figured it out right away.”

My questions are, shouldn't he have gotten sent the product prior to shooting to get comfortable with it and understand how it works, AND why didn't anyone show him how to use it?

But macho Jean Claude wasn't taken the incident lightly, so he threw a fit and revoked his agreement to endorse the product.  TMZ further shared:

Eventually, according to the suit, Van Damme refused to do the infomercial — addressing the camera for his OWN reality show “Behind Closed Doors” instead — insisting he would never endorse a product he thinks is no good.

Van Damme allegedly followed up his bitchfest by taking a quick lunch break and then DISAPPEARING — only to call the infomercial producer later on to officially quit the project."

Now, the company behind the gym is suing Van Damme for at least $25,000 … claiming it took a financial beating over the whole thing. Multiple phone calls to Jean Claude Van Damme’s reps weren’t returned to the entertainment journal by his agents or the star.


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