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Wheel Of Fortune Mispronunciation Costs Paul Atkinson Chance At $1M (Video)

During Tuesday's episode of "Wheel of Fortune," one contestant learned a valuable lesson about proper pronunciation. Unfortunately for the contestant, Paul Atkinson, the lesson may have cost him a million bucks.

After spinning the wheel and landing on the miniscule million-dollar wedge, Atkinson attempted to solve the puzzle, which was "corner curio cabinet."  He mistakenly said "Corno curo cabinet." His answer was deemed incorrect.

"Well, it's one of those ... it just didn't come out the way you intended it to!" said host Pat Sajak after the next contestant correctly solved the puzzle. "Paul, you've proved what several players have proven and I prove almost on a nightly basis: Sometimes your mouth says what your brain doesn't intend for it to," he later joked.

Atkinson ended up walking away with $2,000. He blamed his incorrect response on nerves.

“I was nervous! I’ve got Pat freaking Sajak to my immediate right … I’ve got lights and cameras in my face…” he said. “I’d never seen that word before. I knew I messed up. I knew something awesome could’ve happened, but I totally goofed it.”

Atkinson called the situation his “biggest nightmare,” TODAY reported.

A video of the incident is below:

Sources: TODAYABC News


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