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Katherine Heigl: "Sandra Bullock Changed My Life"

Actress Katherine Hiegl told columnist Barry Koltnow over the the Orange County Register that credit goes to another actress - Sandra Bullock - for helping to change her life:   

Whenever I'm about to do or say something, I first think W.W.S.B.D., which stands for 'What Would Sandra Bullock Do?'  I don' t know her personally, but from what I've seen of her and what I've read about her, she seems to be one of the most well-spoken, gracious, charming and funny women in Hollywood. If I could get there, I would like to be just like her."

Heigl went on to explain how impressed she was with the way Bullock handled the chaos that accompanied her split from husband Jesse James, and admired what Bullock told People Magazine about the frenzy that followed.  

In May, Bullock was quoted in People as saying:

I feel such guilt and sadness about how they (her three step-children with husband Jesse James) have been hunted by the photographers. I just wanted to ask the photographers if they have children. Would this be fair to do to them? I wish there were laws here in the U.S. that were the same as in the U.K., where children are not allowed to be hunted down or mowed over to get a photo.

I was profoundly amazed at how much money was being made from other people's pain."

Heigl confessed that after reading what Bullock had to say, she took it to heart:  

There becomes a focus on you that sometimes can feel overwhelming. For example, you're eating in a restaurant and they're shooting pictures of you through the window. You feel so self-conscious. You feel like you have to pose all the time.

I was going crazy; I wasn't being myself. Then I read what Sandra said. She's so grounded. She isn't aggressive in any way. She doesn't take it all so personally. She really gets it. I swear that reading what she said changed my life."

photos courtesy: Picture Perfect Agency


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