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What Happens After Before Watchmen?

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Comic fans everywhere are going toe-to-toe over DC Comics decision to publish the prequel to their hit graphic novel series Watchmen.  By toe-to-toe I mean the verbal altercations that occur on Twitter and blogs of course. 

Many are arguing in favor of Before Watchmen because it will provide more insight to the characters they love from the original story, first published in 1986.  Others are fighting to leave the classic created by Alan Moore's genius untouched and untainted. Personally, I am in the middle.

To further thrust me into the debate, two of my best writers at Nfamous submitted opinion pieces on the matter nearly simultaneously - they had differing opinions.

My Editor-in-Chief, Richard Cardenas, is in favor of the series stating, "Some detailed semblance of a past for [Dr. Manhattan] as well as the other characters should be something that the fans would like to see."  Click here for the full opinion.

Senior writer, Chris Perry seems more than a little perturbed about the prequels citing greed as the motivating factor.  He writes, "I believe that a classic piece of literature is being compromised and that is unacceptable."  Click here for the full opinion.

I must admit, messing with a classic is risky business but my curiousity is piqued and I will read Before Watchmen regardless.  Until then, I will read Watchmen once more and watch the film a few more times and get back to you on the outcome.

What do you think?

BTW...Have I ever mentioned that the Watchmen movie trailer was (and still is) my favorite, ever. Primarily because of the song choice and the way they married the music to the special effects and action.  It never gets old.


Chastity Irizarry is the Executive Editor of Nfamous Gamers. She is often identified by her gamertag and screen name, NuyoRiqueña. Follow her on Twitter @NuyoRiquena



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