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Jodie Foster Doesn't Care About Women's Rights Anymore

Maybe I just have a bad memory, but I remember Jodie Foster as a champion of the rights of women.  She and Kelly McGillis took the opportunity afforded to them in the movie "Accused" and used it as their personal soapbox.

Apparently, that Jodie Foster is gone now, and has been replaced by someone who wants to make a buck and does not care who she has to defend or work with.

Earlier this week, and in the past months, Jodie has repeatedly stood up for Mel Gibson and called him a friend, and said he always would be a friend, and that she believes Mel. It is good to have friends who are loyal, but you also do not want to be blind.

Now comes word that Jodie is going to be a lead in the new Roman Polanski movie. Yes, the woman who once made a movie for women who were rape victims will now be working for a rapist of underage girls. See what I mean about a paycheck? Kate Winslet will co-star with Jodie. I wonder if she will bring her kids on set for Roman to play with.


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