Don Draper of "Mad Men:" An Ass, But a Stylish One


What can a television character teach us about life? Plenty - especially if he's ad man Don Draper from AMC's hit show "Mad Men." Death and Taxes magazine breaks down ten lessons Mr. Draper can bestow upon viewers. Most of them have to do with cut-throat business practices and relentless womanizing, with a few dubious parenting decisions thrown in for good measure. It's true, Don Draper is kind of an ass - but he does it with such style and panache!

Firstly, Draper teaches us the slick way to get your own back when your boss insults you and hits on your wife: Get him so drunk he embarrasses himself in front of clients. Do this by matching him drink for drink, plus down a whole ton of oysters.

Next, make it your business to sleep with as many women as you can. However, don't tell anyone about it, and if you find out your mistresses have been gossiping about their dealings with you, break things off with them immediately. That way, you can at least pretend you're a decent guy.

Finally, if you have a troubled family background and a past you want to forget, no problem. Just erase it, by aiding in the death of a fellow GI in the Korean War, then switching dog tags with him. Voila! New identity!

Sure, Draper couldn't exactly be called a man of integrity, but he can wear the hell out of a suit. There's something to be said for that. Even though we in the 21st century frown upon the three-martini lunch and the haze of cigarette smoke that surrounded many members of the previous generation, these two vices just make Don look cooler. For the emotionally distant Draper, smoking and staring into space is the equivalent of having a really good cry. 

So, while I'm not sure it's a good idea to model oneself on a hard-drinking, skirt-chasing, identity-stealing 60s ad man, it's definitely fun to watch him on TV.


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