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Actress Julianna Margulies Outraged at Reporter's Oral Sex Question

Today in The NY Post, Linda Stasi talks about the press event she went to for the new season of The Good Wife. Reporters were shown unedited scenes from the season, one of which included Julianna Margulies performing oral sex on Chris Noth. When the lights came up, Julianna said, "I think that is the first time network television has had an oral sex scene! No? It was pretty racy!"

Julianna brought it up, so a reporter from AP asked "Have you researched that, Julianna? Is that the first time there has been an oral sex scene on a network television show?"

To me that seems like a perfectly reasonable question. She made a statement and the reporter followed up, probably thinking it would be a good story if true. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the question. I actually would not have a problem with the question, even if she had not brought it up first, because the producers of the show have been going on and on about it to everyone who will listen.

Julianna, though, thought it was the worst question of all time.

"Honestly, is that the question you are going to ask me? That is despicable." The reporter reminded Julianna she said it first. "That is disgusting! This is what media is now? That is truly the stupidest question I have ever heard . . . I'm insulted right now. Oh, my God. It's bad enough we have 'Jersey Shore.'"

So, what do you think? Was it ok to ask the question, or was Julianna right to bring it up and then never have anyone question her about it?


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