Stephen KIng's New Novel: JFK Assassination Wormhole


When I was in high school there were two people that really struck me. Stephen King, who is the reason I am a writer and John F. Kennedy. I did this huge essay on JFK back in History class.

I think I was the only Canadian that was so intrigued by that man. I had wondered why when he was assassinated the world was in shock. After the essay, I understood so much more. It’s unfortunate that he was assassinated at all. He could have made us all into something great.

And now, Stephen King, is writing a new book, 11/22/63, about someone who finds a worm hole and goes back in time to stop the assassination.

I guess it’s apparent that Stephen has thought about the same things I have. If this man succeeds I wonder how different the world will be? The way Stephen will do it, of course, will shock us all. He always knows how to turn the most common thing into something different. That’s just the way he is…


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