Fox Announces Fall TV Schedule: What's New and What's Coming Back


Tuesday night was a busy, busy one for FOX, which came as quite a surprise to Made Possible by Pop Culture because they had announced so many early renewals that it didn't seem they'd have much room on their schedule for anything new. But in fact, they did-- especially after canceling a couple that had long-been on the bubble (I will mourn you forever, The Chicago Code :*( ), and they surprised us with one or two of their choices for pick-up. Here are the ones I am most excited about based on premise, casting, and scripts alone.

Raising Hope - The freshman comedy received a much deserved early renewal during winter press tour for its quirky sense of humor and heartfelt family fun. Series creator and showrunner Greg Garcia confirmed to me during the PaleyFest panel for the show that he had no plans to age the baby and jump forward in time, so that made me even more excited to watch her-- and the show itself-- grow and mature almost in real time.

Alcatraz - Coming from the minds of J.J. Abrams and Liz Sarnoff (LOST) and featuring LOST alumn Jorge Garcia, this is bound to be oh, so much more than just another prison show! Set on the island (well, not THE island, but you know...) the show follows the FBI as they try to figure out exactly what the deal is with a number of prison inmates and guards who vanished from the prison in the sixties, only to return in present day. The time-bendy-ness is interesting enough on its own, but for me, it brings up memories of The 4400, a show I still mourn, making this seem all the more interesting.

Fringe - The fourth season, which was given an early renewal in spring 2011, will be the one I actually get to follow and cover as it airs. I will be using the summer to marathon the first three seasons on DVD, and from what everyone I know is saying, this is going to be my new obsession. So, uh, prepare for that.

I'm still on the fence about:

The New Girl - Zooey Deschanel has her charms, and the premise of a woman running away from her romantic commitment to "slum it" and live a bit more free-spiritedly with three dudes seems like it might be fun. But I reserve the right to hold off on final judgment until I learn about the casting changes because Damon Wayans Jr., who I actually really enjoy, was in the pilot, but ABC has yet to make a decision on his current show for them. And if they renew, then he will be leaving this newb, and the dynamic will be altered.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter - The title alone should sell me because I really do hate all teenagers (especially teenage girls) and such behavior. I think I could relate a lot to the women who learn their daughters are turning into the "mean girls" they used to despise in school. But I don't know how much I want to subject myself to that kind of catty, petty behavior, even if laughs are on the table.

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