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What About the Right-Leaning Celebs? Some May Surprise You

Just in case you think there's no one in the media who isn't a raging liberal...below is a list of conservative-minded celebrities:

Clint Eastwood
Britney Spears
Adam Sandler
Kelsey Grammer
Angie Harmon
Chuck Norris
Dennis Hopper
Tom Clancy
Naomi Judd
Danny Aiello
Sara Evans
Marie Osmond
Mel Gibson
Kathy Ireland
Jon Voight
Bruce Willis
Scott Baio
Rick Schroeder
Dr. Phil
Bo Derek
Nick Lachey
Kin Alexis
Cheryl Ladd
Robert Duvall
Rachel Hunter
Tony Danza
Pat Sajak
Patricia Heaton
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Chris Evert
Sylvester Stallone
Stephen Baldwin
Arnold S.
Susan Lucci
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Kirk Cameron
Martina McBride
Gloria Estefan
Heather Locklear
Jessica Simpson
...and more

If this list surprises you, that's because you're bombarded by liberals everywhere you turn in the media. It isn't just the obvious media, either. For example, did you know an Oct 2008 survey of professionals in the publishing industry revealed that 86% of respondents intended to vote for Obama? This is a shocking figure. What it means is that the vast majority of books that get published in this country are liberal books. This can include nonfiction or fiction, for even in novels it isn't uncommon for authors to reference politics. And nine out of ten times it's Republicans, not Democrats, who are bashed. The last two I read that come to mind are Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Tell No Lies, by Julie Compton.

Add to the publishing industry Hollywood -- a bastion of liberalism -- the mainstream media, and and the fact that liberal professors outnumber conservative professors on college campuses 10:1 -- and it's no wonder everyday Americans feel as though we're a dying breed.

We're not a dying breed. We just don't have the microphone.


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