Wesley Snipes Released From Jail After Almost Three Years


Did you know that Wesley Snipes was in jail? Would you have cared if you had? Probably not, but isn't it funny how you can entirely forget someone's existence when they're tucked away in prison... Hmmm, they should send more celebs to jail. Actually, they really should. Some of them have committed crimes.

So, Wesley Snipes has just been released from a US prison in Pennsylvania after serving more than two years for tax evasion. He now has to do a few more months under house arrest. At first we thought it seemed a bit harsh for a tax dodge, but apparently Wesley made £24m between 1999 and 2004 and didn't file any returns. Then he didn't bother turning up for jail when was initially sentenced to a short spell. He must be pretty stupid. Or his accountant is.

Anyway, it got us thinking about other celebs who've done time - and not like Lohan and Hilton's five minute tea break. Click through the gallery.

Wesley's worst crime? Not even looking like a Wesley...


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