Weird Coffee Shop Prank Scares Customers, Promotes New 'Carrie' Film (Video)

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Customers at the Nice Cafe in New York City were recently pranked as part of advertising for a film remake of the Stephen King thriller "Carrie."

The coffee shop was specially rigged for actress Andrea Morales to use her "telekinesis power" to "throw" stuntman Travis Graves up against a wall and raise him upwards (video below).

Morales then magically moves several tables and chairs in the coffee joint, terrifying customers who were not in on the "prankvertising," notes the Daily Mail.

When Morales screams, books and frames fly off the wall causing people to run out.

The bizarre stunt entitled "Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise" has almost four million views on YouTube.

In "Carrie," the lead character has the power to move objects, which gives her a means of revenge against her cruel classmates.

The telekinesis stunt was engineered by the ad agency ThinkMod, which built a fake wall, where they lifted the stuntman up in the air with a pulley.

The tables and chairs were remote-controlled and the bookshelves were spring-loaded. Hidden cameras filmed the horrified customers as they panicked and ran for the exit.

"We got some awesome reactions. Some people got really into it. A constructor worker actually came toward me to calm me down, saying everything was going to be okay. I was pretty hoarse, but we had free coffee all day. It was so much fun," Morales told the New York Daily News.

"People did freak out, It was funny to watch them react," added Nora Petroliunas, a manager at the 'sNice cafe.

After scaring the hell out of the coffee shop customers, the video cuts to a still frame of the "Carrie" remake. Oddly, the release date is very hard to read.

Sources: New York Daily News and Daily Mail


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