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Weekend Box Office Recap: Toy Story 3 a Smash Hit

In spite of the Summer of Suck, "Toy Story 3" gives Pixar its biggest opening ever. The studio's 11th feature-length film brought in an astounding $109 million bucks in three days.

The same cannot be said, however for the utterly pathetic comic book adaptation "Jonah Hex" which opened this weekend in a surprising 8th place and brought in a measly $5 million. The popcorn western staring the talented Josh Brolin and the annoying Meagan Fox came out of the starting gate and fell flat on its face.  Nick Pinkerton from the LA Weekly called it "Bracingly Inept" And Pete Travers from Rolling Stone said,  "Director Jimmy Hayward fails to establish a viable reason for this movie to exist."

Biggest loser this weekend was "Shrek Forever After," falling 65% (and yet it still beat Jonah Hex). And falling out of the list were Splice and Sex and the City 2.

Here's the top ten according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (new) Toy Story 3 $109,000,000
2 (1) The Karate Kid $29,000,000
3 (2) The A-Team $13,775,000
4 (4) Get Him to the Greek $6,117,120
5 (3) Shrek Forever After $5,520,000
6 (6) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time $5,273,000
7 (5) Killers $5,100,000
8 (new) Jonah Hex $5,085,000
9 (9) Iron Man 2 $2,675,000
10 (7) Marmaduke $2,650,000

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