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Box Office: J-Lo's "Back Up Plan" is "Gigli"-Level Flop

"How To Train Your Dragon" gets back on top, beating the cornball chick flick "The Back Up Plan" by a narrow margin.

Critically, "The Back Up Plan" is a total flop. I have heard nothing but negative reviews of it so far. Gary Wolcott of the Tri City Herald says, "Ten minutes into this disaster and anyone unfortunate enough to attend will be making back-up plans of their own." And Kam Williams from Sly Fox sums it up simply as "J-Lo's worst outing since Gigli!" 

Of course, you don't really need a critic to tell you the movie stinks. All you have to do is watch the trailer to see that it's a formulaic, bland comedy with two people that have absolutely no chemistry.

Meanwhile, other newcomer "The Losers" opens in 4th place, bringing in $9.6 mil, and "Oceans" manages to barely make the top ten at all, in 8th place.

Biggest loser of the weekend goes to "Kick Ass" which fell 52% from its opening weekend while "Hot Tub Time Machine" falls out of the top ten completely.

Here's the top ten according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (2) How to Train Your Dragon  $15,025,000 -23.47%

2 (new) The Back-up Plan $12,250,000

3 (3) Date Night $10,600,000 -36.60%

4 (new) The Losers $9,605,000

5 (1) Kick-Ass $9,500,000 -52.09%

6 (5) Clash of the Titans $9,000,000 -41.50%

7 (4) Death at a Funeral $8,000,000 -50.67%

8 (new) Oceans $6,000,000

9 (6) The Last Song $3,705,000 -37.87%

10 (8) Alice in Wonderland $2,242,000 -38.68%


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