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Web Site Alleges it has Tiger Woods Sex Tape

Preorder here only!! Starting October 15,” screams the strapline under a saucy image of porn star and self-proclaimed Tiger Woods mistress, Devon James.


That’s right, the alleged Tiger Woods sex tape is on the boil, and a website ( promises to give you an eyeful of the golfer in action is ready to take your pre-orders.

A man identifying himself as James’ husband, Nick James, says the 62-minute video clearly shows Woods in 37 minutes worth of compromising positions, reports the New York Daily News.

You can see him clearly, he told the Daily News website. He’s pretty dirty.

James also tells the website that he owns copyright to the alleged tape, seeing as it was filmed on his equipment. He says he sold the tape to an unnamed production company last week.

The release date is Nov. 15, unless Tiger’s attorneys give us push back, he said. But we haven’t seen or heard from them. And what are they going to do, come shoot me?”

No, they’ll sue your sorry ass- IF the tape is genuine.


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