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Site "Crap at My Parents' House" Shows Cheesy Tchotchkes

Ashamed of your mom's creepy doll collection? Embarrassed about your dad's penchant for keeping all the running shoes he's ever owned in your front hallway? Just plain annoyed at the junk your folks consider to be works of art? A new website takes pictures of all that stuff and displays it for all the Internet to see - and mock. Its name? Crap at My Parents' House.

The Huffington Post, which profiled the site on July 22, makes a great point: this stuff may not have bothered you when you were still living at home, perhaps because you'd become desensitized from repeated exposure to it, but now you've moved away, you cringe at it every time you come back to visit. Crap at My Parents' House collects user-submitted photos of these horrible artifacts and picks the best (or the worst) to showcase on the site. Here are my top three favorite pieces of crap, with captions from the site:

1. "Just in case fabulousness calls."

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2. "My parents' house, a place where you can find a doll for any occasion; a fall day, a winter wonderland, an evening ball, murder."

3. "A picture of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Or, as she is known in my house, “Camilla, Duchess of my parents' bathroom,” whose picture frame almost matches the confusion of her actual photo, as we’re not British."

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