"Webcam 101 for Seniors": Watch Elderly Couple Work Camera

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Technology moves extremely fast -- once you learn how to use one gadget, it becomes obselete and you have to learn something else. An elderly Oregon couple who probably just learned how to use a film camera tried to figure out how to use a webcam, and they inadvertantly recorded themselves with hilarious results.

Bruce and Esther Huffman sat in front of their computer for three minutes trying to figure out the newfangled thing. Bruce is a playful old guy, making "monkey faces," singing an ancient tune, pointing out his wrinkles and even telling his wife to "lower your dress!"

The couple's granddaughter saw the video and she put it on YouTube, calling it "Webcam 101 for Seniors." It has gone viral, with more than a quarter of a million hits since it was posted on August 21.

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