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Weather Girl Runs Naked After France Qualifies for the World Cup (Video)

French TV weather girl Doria Tillier promised her viewers that she would do her nightly weather forecast in the nude if France qualified for the World Cup.

The 27 year old was apparently worried after France scored their second goal on Tuesday and tweeted: "F---. 2-0 for France. I'm starting to stress."

After France defeated the Ukraine 3-0, Tillier had to strip during Wednesday's broadcast of "Le Grand Journal" on the Canal+ channel, but she found a clever way to fulfill her promise, noted (video below).

Tillier took off her winter coat and ran around on a rural country side in the village of Poil, while the camera shot her from a long distance.

According to the Daily Mail, the French word "poil" means "stark naked" or "in the nude," which is what Tillier promised.

While she took her nude run, the weather report popped up on the other side of the screen.

It was not the video that millions of viewers had hoped to see, but the former model did keep her word, sort of.

Sources: and Daily Mail


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