Was Kris Jenner Behind Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape?


Kris Humphries reportedly trashed his ex Kim Kardashian and her family in conversations with his former girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj.

In fact, Myla said the basketball star revealed Kim’s mother not only told her to make the sex tape, but also told her to re-film because Kim didn’t look her best in the first tape.

The claim is shocking but anyone who has watched the Kardashian reality show will see how Kris pimps out her children in an attempt to make them famous.

Kim has subpoenaed Myla in her divorce proceedings and it sounds like the scorned ex-girlfriend has lots to say about Humprhies.

Myla has tons of text messages where Kris tells her she is the love of his life and he wants to get his divorce over with quickly so they can spend their lives together.

These statements could really damage Kris’ case, because he claims in his divorce that Kim defrauded him into believing their marriage was real and said he was devastated after she ended their marriage after only 72 days.


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