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Was Katherine Jackson Tricked Into Arizona Trip?

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In a complete 180 from the information she originally provided to us, Katherine Jackson is now suggesting in legal documents filed today that she was tricked into taking the impromptu trip that sparked a kidnapping report and ultimately ended with her having to share guardianship of her grandchildren with T.J. Jackson.

As part of her move to retain co-guardianship, Katherine and her team of lawyers filed a declaration, stating that while she had originally and knowingly been scheduled to go on a road trip to see her sons perform, a doctor (who was apparently misrepresenting himself) showed up at her doorstep to suggest the fly, rather than drive.

When she obliged new travel arrangements were made, but when the plane touched down she found herself in Arizona, not New Mexico. Katherine also states that her children checked her into a luxury resort and spa, telling her that she had high blood pressure. They then took her phone and iPad from her, in addition to disconnecting the landline and television in her hotel room.

Finally, Katherine concludes that she had no idea she had been reported missing, and that any time she asked about her grandchildren she was told “they’re fine.” She wraps up by saying, “At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me.”

This new information completely negates the story Katherine provided during an interview  with ABC News where she said she willingly gave up her cell phone, and that she was just on a little vacation.


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