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Was Justin Timberlake's Proposal to Jessica Biel a Lie?

Justin Timberlake reportedly proposed to longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel over their recent vacation in Colorado, but now reports are emerging that he doesn’t truly want to marry her.

A source told The National Enquirer (and we know how reliable the National Enquirer and their sources are *cough) that “Justin knew that Jessica would dump him unless he committed to making her his bride, so his proposal was just lip service! He told friends that he has no intention of rushing down the aisle and he only went through with the engagement to get Jessica off his back. Justin says it’ll be at least a year and probably several more before they actually tie the knot.”

The insider continued, “Justin loves Jessica, but he also cherishes his freedom. He wants to be in a relationship with Jessica, but not necessarily as a married couple. But marriage and kids is the end goal for Jessica, and she told Justin late last year that she’d break up with him for good unless he agreed to settle down with her. Rather than deal with Jessica’s nagging, Justin caved to the marriage pressure…but Justin fully intends to ride the engagement phase. He wants to remain a single guy as long as possible.”

I would be surprised if the couple made it down the aisle.  What do  you think?


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