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Did Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Fake Their Relationship?

By now you should know that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have broken up. This breakup concluded in yet another boy bashing anthem by Swift ("I Knew You Were Trouble"). Despite Swift's emotional song, could their relationship have been a hoax? According to Louisa Jepson who is writing a Harry Styles biography, "Every Piece of Me," the whole thing was fake.  

Jepson believes that Taylor's huge success is what attracted One Direction's management to try to put them together. Jepson says the team “went to great lengths to put the two ­together because she’s such a huge star.”

It is true that when Swift starts dating someone the media is all over it and there is an even bigger frenzy when her relationships end. Jepson's accusations could be right because Styles and Swift garnered a lot of media attention when they were seen together. 

The two are still being talked about together in the media today. According to Hollywood Life, Swift's recent stunt was at the BRIT Awards when she refused to acknowledge Styles. Styles took the high road and clapped during her presentation of an award but Swift gave him the cold shoulder backstage. 

If Jepson is right about this pair, then Swift is doing a great job at acting out the role of the scornful girlfriend. 

(Hollywood Life)


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