Was Britney Spears Digitally Slimmed Down for 'Work B*tch' Video?


Britney Spears‘ new video for “Work B*tch” is full of S&M-inspired scenes with the singer using a whip and leather leashes on several women.

Beyond the strong sexual content, Radar Online reports that HOAX Films, a visual effects studio, digitally made Spears slimmer for the video.

“We are excited to collaborate on such a stunning music video,” HOAX Films executive producer Alexis Nelson told SoundandPicture.com.

“[Director Ben Mor] sets the creative bar very high and raises it with each new video. It’s great to be part of the process,” said HOAX Films creative director Rick Sander.

The company claims that it did "sky replacements shots, set extensions and cleanup" for the video.

However, Radar Online has before and after pictures that supposedly show a less-toned Spears, who was digitally fixed.

Radar Online claims the pictures were originally released online by HOAX Films, but were later taken down.

The gossip site also claims that in 2007 Spears had digital work to make her look slimmer in the video “Piece of Me."

Sources: Radar Online and SoundandPicture.com


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