Warner Brothers Donating Money to Colorado Shooting Victims


A spokeswoman for Warner Brothers has confirmed that the movie studio is donating to the victims of the The Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora, Colorado and is encouraging their employees to do the same:

"We’ve had an outpouring from employees who’ve asked how they can help and contribute, so we sent a note," 

James Holmes 24, shot and killed 12 patrons of the movie and injured dozens more at the initial midnight screening of the movie when he open-fired on the audience. He made a court appearance yesterday and will be formally charged on July 30 it is expected.

While no amount was given on what they donated, they did confirm that Colorado governor John Hickenlooper suggested the studio donate to GivingFirst.org.

It still so unbelievable to think of what those people went through in the theatre, and now what their loved ones are going through. Our sincere condolences to all of those affected by this horrific and senseless crime.


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