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Dopey Bank Robbers Foiled by GPS Tracker

It's clear that 23-year-old Brittney Sykes and 19-year-old Emma Westbusing of Portland, Oregon, are total moron bank robbers. They are kinda like one taco short of a combination plate. Because no real experienced bank robber would go down like THIS.

After about a month of talking about it, Brittney and Emma robbed a bank. They even did it without a weapon; they managed to get $1,370.  BUUTT... they didn't realize that the teller had slipped a GPS tracker in the bag.

As soon as they got home a few minutes later,  they dumped out the cash, they saw the tracker . . . and PANICKED.

They first thought it was a dye bomb, so Brittney hurled it against the wall, hoping it would explode.  It didn't. So Emma, in a spasm of idiocy, tried stomping on it. That didn't work either.

Finally, they decided to Google the brand name on the tracking device to figure out what it was.  Meanwhile, Brittney wanted it out of the house, so she ran outside and, for some reason, figured hiding it under a floor mat in her purple Hyundai Accent was a bright idea..NOT!!!

By the time the girls Googled the device, the cops had already started tracking it . . . and when they got to Brittney's house.. arrested both of the girls.

Brittney and Emma were charged with federal bank robbery. 

Full story at THE SMOKING GUN


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