'The Walking Dead' TV Show Inspires Viewers to Accept 'New World Order' Warns Fox News


Dr. Manny Alvarez, of Fox News, recently claimed that the AMC TV series "The Walking Dead" is inspiring its viewers with "zombie violence" to “participate in this new world order.”

Dr. Alvarez wrote on FoxNews.com:

The idea of a zombie-infested world inspires fantasies of monsters possessed by an uncontrollable rage to kill, and viewers get a thrill imagining what it would be like to participate in this new world order... Even scientists at the National Institutes of Health have spent time creating an apocalyptic how-to guide on dealing with a zombie outbreak.

However, Dr. Alvarez failed to mention that the National Institutes of Health zombie guide was clearly meant to be humorous and even included a wacky disclaimer: "So huge truckloads of taxpayer money were spent on research that involved capturing zombie specimens and traveling to exotic locations to observe zombies in the wild. Numerous lavish lunches were also consumed along the way, but none involved the brains of the living. Honest."

Dr. Alvarez assured his (worried?) readers that people cannot become zombies:

Give me a break. As a doctor and scientist, I know one thing for sure: When you’re dead, you’re dead.  Our brains should be less focused on imaginary zombie hoards and more focused on harnessing the tools that we need in order to enhance our lives, whether it be music, education, science or the classics...

Of course, he threw in the obligatory barb against the government:

With this country heading towards a socialized system of government, in which officials don’t want you to think or focus on what is important for your own personal growth, I’m sure they’re more than happy to let you obsess over something as stupid as zombies. And in turn, you ultimately become the zombie.

It may upset Dr. Alvarez to learn that The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also created a humorous page about zombie attacks, which included CDC Director Dr. Ali Khan stating, "If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack."

Sources: CDC.gov,NIH.gov, FoxNews.com


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