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'The Walking Dead' Star Andrew Lincoln Warns Fans Worst is Yet to Come

The worst is yet to come for AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead, according to star Andrew Lincoln.

Though the finale had a number of surprises in store for fans, Lincoln told Yahoo! that viewers haven’t seen anything yet.

“The back eight is more radical than ever before. It’s almost a tale of two seasons,” Lincoln said. “It really is that radical, the difference between the first eight and the back eight.”

Lincoln added that the strongest episodes have yet to come, and that one of them will be the most controversial episode ever aired on the show.

Some speculate that (spoiler warning!) dark content in The Walking Dead comic books could emerge in the show, like Maggie’s suicide or a group of bandits’ attempt to rape Carl, which is certainly controversial.

Lincoln’s words are almost impossible to digest considering the shocks delivered by “Too Far Gone” and the loss of Hershel. However, curve balls like these is what Lincoln believes keeps The Walking Dead fresh and unpredictable.

“I was always behind [the script]. It was always ahead of me. I couldn’t second-guess it,” Lincoln said. “I think that that’s a brilliant sign that the writers are still able to do this at this stage in the show.”

The final eight episodes of season four will begin airing on February 9.

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