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The Walking Dead Spoilers: Michael Cudlitz Discusses New Characters

New information about The Walking Dead season 4 was revealed after Michael Cudlitz, a new addition to the cast, talked with The Hollywood Reporter.

Cudlitz, who plays Abraham alongside new characters Eugene and Rosita, revealed that he began reading the comics when he started researching for the character.

“Scott M. Gimple told me that Abraham's backstory would closely resemble Abraham in the comics,” Cudlitz said, “so that was a great place to start my research.”

The the show will reportedly add extra elements that make Abraham’s back story even more tragic.

As expected, Cudlitz reminded viewers that the TV and comic versions are similar, but once “things get moving” on the show the stories could begin to differ.

In the next episode, Cudlitz said the audience would learn why the new trio is headed to Washington and what information Eugene has used to convince Abraham and Rosita to travel there.

“There is no subtlety in it,” Cudlitz said. “It's this wonderful expositional moment that's literally ripped out of the comics.”

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, MStars


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