The Walking Dead Spoilers: Season 4


In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl involuntarily joins a group of marauders to survive. But who are they?

First appearing in Season 4, episode 11, “Claimed”, Joe and his group of men break into the same house where Rick, Carl and Michonne sought shelter. Rick was quick to figure out the men were up to no good when he witnessed one nearly kill another member, and when some of the men talked about threatening Michonne.

It’s unclear whether or not Joe’s group is meant to be based off of the marauders in the comics. If not, there are a number of other possibilities for their roles in the show.

Joe and his group could potentially be “The Hunters”: a group of six who turn to cannibalism when food gets scarce. Their first victim was Dale, who walked into the forest to die after getting bit by a walker, only to have his amputated leg eaten by the group.

Another theory is that Joe could be the famed comic book villain Negan, who appears after the Governor’s death and is currently the focus of the graphic novels. Negan is described as the “polar opposite” of Rick, and leads a group who terrorize others. When a few of his group members are killed, Negan gets revenge by killing Glenn and Abraham.

However, as dedicated readers and audience members have seen in the past, the show often veers away from the story line of the comic. If that’s the case, Joe and his group could deliver a number of new surprises throughout the season.

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