Video Evidence Discovered In Ronni Chasen Murder?


I don't know if the Ronni Chasen shooting gets much play in the media outside of Los Angeles, but this story fascinates me. You almost have to think this is either a big case of mistaken identity or something was happening in the world of Ronni Chasen that my mind cannot comprehend. Police in Beverly Hills say they still have no suspects in the shooting, but they do think they know what happened. Kind of. They think a vehicle,

probably a SUV, pulled along the driver's side of Ronni's car and opened fire. They even think they know what block it happened because they found some broken glass in the street.

There is a red light camera at the intersection where they think the shots were fired but it did not get any photos of the shooting. There was some video which police removed from the former home of Buddy Hackett, which I am assuming might be helpful or else they would not have taken it. This is just the most bizarre crime. Who gets murdered this way? The police are saying it was intentional and not just some random shooting or carjacking.



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