Video: 'X Factor' Contestant Drops Pants During Performance


On the 'X Factor' premiere, a male performer named Geo Godley unexpectedly dropped his pants in the middle of his song 'I'm a Stud,' shocking judge Paula Abdul and others in attendance (video below).

As the musician sang "Let's get nude, don't be a prude," he pulled down his pants exposing his private parts. The judges and live audience shrieked in horror, and Paula Abdul walked to a bathroom backstage, feeling sick to her stomach.

After the performance, L.A. Reid chastised the flasher. "That was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting ... get him out of the building, please."

The show decided to air the moment, and blurred out the man's privates with a big X. Amazingly, security did not pull the man off-stage, so his X-rated performance continued for several minutes.


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