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Video: World's Worst Burglar Tries to Rob Store Wearing Polka Dot Pants

Burglars are usually thought of as stealthy, sneaky people wearing inconspicuous clothing and masks, able to break through windows without detection. 

But one burglar defied all expectations when he showed up at a convenience store in Redding, Calif. wearing polka dot pants.

It's not just the pants that were a mistake, though, as he also tried to break down a heavy duty glass door with what appeared to be a small rock.

A surveillance camera captured the ordeal, as he peered through the doors of the store with a nylon stocking on his head.

He then walked away, but he returned and this time the nylon was covering his face. Next, he threw a rock at the window.

The glass cracks but it does not break, and sets off the alarm system. This startles the unknown man and he tries to run off, but quickly trips over a blue curb.

Authorities are looking for the man, and if he is still wearing those polka dot pants, it probably won't be difficult to spot him.

They responded to the alarm at 1 a.m. on March 5. They said the man is likely around 5'11" and weighs 350 lbs.

Sources: Inquisitr, Redding


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