Video: Will Watching Chaz Bono on 'Dancing with the Stars' be Toxic for Children?


Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and Fox News commentator, recently wrote that watching Chaz Bono compete on the ABC series 'Dancing with the Stars' would be "toxic" for children. Additionally, has started an online petition to kick Bono off the show.

Speaking on 'Good Morning America,' Chaz Bono countered: "I'm just a regular guy. All these ideas that children shouldn't watch me.. it's crazy" (video below). 

Bono added: "For all of those kids and teens out there with gender disphoria, I think it's going to have a really positive impact. I know that when I was growing up if I had seen someone like me on a show like this it would have made all the difference in the world. People who don't have gender dysphoria are not going to catch it from watching me dance on television."

Host George Stephanopoulos asked why mom Cher was so defensive over Chaz. "From being a mom," Chaz replied. "Nothing will get a mom on board more than talking badly about their kid."

Chaz said he hopes his mother will join him on the hit dancing show at some point. Chaz added that he will not be pushing a political agenda on the show: "I'm just going to be dancing."


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